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Historical guided tour of Genforeningsparken, including coffee and cakes at Folkehjem

Take part in a guided tour of Genforeningsparken memorial park and visit the village hall at Folkehjem. The memorial park was opened on 15th June 2020 to commemorate the date of the 100th anniversary of the reunification of Denmark in 1920.

Genforeningsparken and Folkehjem represent the narrative of the adversity faced by the Danish-minded citizens of North Schleswig under Prussian rule and of the heavy losses suffered by soldiers from the region during the First World War. It’s also the story of the referendum that returned Sønderjylland to Denmark and which determined the path of revised border between Denmark and Germany. The guided tour ends at Folkehjem village hall in the portrait room, where nearly 60 portraits of leading personalities involved in the struggle for reunification hang on the walls. Coffee and cakes will be served at the end of the tour. The tours are on September 12th and October 10th 2021.

In conjunction with the serving of coffee and cakes, information will be presented on the ‘Blumen Bauen Brücken’ (Flowers build bridges) project, in addition to which you’ll be able to get inspiration with regard to other interesting places to visit in the border region. The guided tours are part of the EU Interreg project "Blumen Bauer Brücken", and represent collaboration between Destination Sønderjylland, Tourismus Agentur Flensburger Förde and the municipalities of Aabenraa, Sønderborg, Flensburg and Glücksburg. The project is inspired by the German horticultural show concept, ‘Gartenschau’, and the Danish ‘active tourism’ concept. The project invites you to experience the border region.

The guided tour starts in front of the entrance to Folkehjem at Genforeningsparken.

The guides are from Aabenraa’s local history society, with the guided tours being held in Danish.
For less than 10 registrations, we reserve the right to cancel the event.
Ticketsales stops 3 days prior to the tour.

This project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

Fotocredit Raul Hirian & Sarah Jürgensen