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FUNCARD Boulderclimbing

Have you tried bouldering? A fun and challenging form of climbing where you climb without ropes and harnesses. The floor is covered in soft mattresses, so you won’t hurt yourself if you lose your grip.

Bouldering is a hugely popular form of climbing, where you don’t normally climb higher than 4-5 metres. Bouldering is usually done in small groups. We’re ready for indoor bouldering in the cool StreetDome at Haderslev harbour – are you?

Up to 10 participants.

PRICE: 50 DKK for children with a FunCard.
All participants must bring a FUNCARD. Pick up your FUNCARD at Kulturhuset Bispen, Bispebroen 3, 6100 Haderslev

Notice: tickets are available from October 8th 2020 9AM