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Fishingtrip with M/S Mik Pedersen on Aabenraa Fjord

Come fish on Aabenraa Fjord with M/S Mik Pedersen
A fishing trip with M/S Mik Pedersen who is a cutter from 1912 is always worth a trip and gives you unforgettable memories at sea.

M/S Mik Pedersen's captain "Jønne" knows all the best fishing spots in the fjord and is happy to let you in on all his tricks to get the fish on the hook. The crew will show you how to clean the fish and pack them for you to take home.

The trip takes place an Aabenraa Fjord, which is a 10 km long, and 3-4 km wide fjord, at the southwest end of Lillebælt with the peninsula Løjt Land to the north and to the west lies Aabenraa. In the southeast, the fjord is bound by the peninsula Varnæs Hoved, which also marks the entrance to Als Fjord. The fjord is up to 45m deep, surrounded by steep, wooded hills along the beach.

Captain Jønne has been fishing on the fjord for more than 35 years and knows all the best fishing spots and although he cannot 100% guarantee that you will catch something, he promises that he will do the utmost in order for everyone to get something on the hook. The fish that are mainly available in Aabenraa Fjord are cod, plaice and dap.
This trip is for both the incarnate sea fish enthusiast and the whole family.
It is possible to bring your own fishing gear or otherwise you can be borrow it on board. There are life jackets, a 20-person rescue raft and first aid equipment available on board, in addition the captain is first aid certified. There is a toilet on board

Durration: approx. 4 hours
Price: 300,00 kr, the price is incl. bristle worms and fishing rods, children aged 12 and under 250,00 kr.
Starting point: Aabenraa Nyhavn, Kilen 40, 6200 Aabenraa

Minimum number of participants is 6 persons – If fewer people signed up the tour will be cancelled. If the skipper determines that it is irresponsible to sail out due to bad weather the trip will be cancelled.