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Experience the war of 1864

Are you cold? Visit us and see how cold it was for the soldiers in the beginning of 1864!

Our doors open every Saturday and Sunday in winter to tell you about the war 1864. Our enthusiastic storytellers offer an experience for all senses. You can feel the bitter cold on your nose while you are holding a soldier’s rifle, and a journey through time brings us into the year 1864, back on the old battlefield between ordinary men. As in those days, we hope that the warm soldier beer will defreeze our cold fingertips. Meanwhile, we listen to the words of a soldier – back then and today nothing more than a good story to pass the war’s waiting periods. In this time of the year, you get the full package – it is the most natural and obvious time of the year to visit of the History Centre Dybbøl Banke.


In the winter period the doors open 30 minutes before the start of the tour. The doors close again at at 11.00 and 13.00, so be sure to arrive in time.