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Enjoy the tradition of coffee and cakes at Als Kloster

Come to the traditional spread of coffee and cakes at the convent at Als Kloster. Here you’ll find everything that makes up the sumptuous spread of cakes and coffee that’s particular to Sønderjylland, as well as being able to enjoy the opportunity to hear ente

The traditional recipes have been tried and tested, and we’ve come up with our own versions of the various cakes. We’re ready to serve a huge buffet of cakes that includes buns, Danish pastries, layer cakes, tarts and biscuits, supplemented by various “seasonal” cakes that are baked with fruit and berries from the convent gardens.

Anyone who’s experienced the traditional spread of cakes from Sønderjylland knows full well that getting through everything on offer is no easy matter – and you definitely need something that’ll help the cakes go down. We have lots of good coffees brewed in French presses and a selection of delightful teas from our local supplier, whilst there’s always a plentiful supply of refreshing iced water on the table.

Bon appétit!